Well, then, how does all this work?

You’re in a dragon library. How do you maneuver from room to room, read, converse, and take tea in the cafe without them noticing you’re, well, a human?

Good news.

Most of them don’t believe humans exist. If they see you at all (you’re very small), they’ll think it was a trick of their eyes. They’ve been reading about you too long. They’ll think they need to go out for some fresh air, take up another hobby, maybe get into a relationship, that kind of thing. My point is, you can walk around comfortably, but don’t get, you know, too comfortable. I mean, don’t just walk up to a dragon and strike up a conversation. You’ll be toast before you can say butter.

Now on to what you really need to know.

The library is set up so that you can easily move around from posts, galleries, exhibitions and events. Or it will be. For, as you might be able to tell, this is a new venture. We’ve never set up a secret visiting program before. Still, as this site’s portal into the world of scholarly dragons grows, you should be able to find that all the rooms connect. For instance, let’s say you really enjoyed reading a post about King Edward I. From that post you’ll eventually be able to click on links that will take you to either further reading or visual content that correlate with that subject. Finally, you’ll find links to other blogs and websites for more information. The goal is to give you an appetite for a subject, dragon size, then provide you with a sort of runway where you can take off on your own expedition.

If you find you’d like to be notified when posts go up or exhibitions begin, you may want to sign up for a library card and be added to the email list here.

Above all, keep your curiosity.

But also keep these tips in mind, they might save your life:

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