Depositphotos_11187084_m-2015The Theory:

It has long been held that humans cannot breathe fire. This portable lamp seems to support this theory, as there would be no need to transport wicks and oil if they had the power to create fire inside themselves. However, it is probable that swans are fire-breathers in their world. Evidence of this can be seen here, on this lamp. Consider the two swans who’s bills terminate where the burning flames would be when the lamp was lit. This gives rise to the theory that swans issue flames from their mouths and are powerful creatures, perhaps more feared than other beasts because of their ability to cause great destruction. There is no evidence at this time to believe there are other fire-breathing birds in the human world, but research ongoing.


The Facts:

  • Made of thickly cast of bronze
  • Central circular opening for oil and, at each end, circular openings for lamp wicks.
  • Dated to the 1st century, Late Roman period (mythical human kingdom)



“Humans must create their own light, for they are not born with the power to breathe it.” – Dr. Fillbrook, former DAS Director of Conservation

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