The Theory:

The Muse Casket is so called for the Muses who are represented all the way around its circular body and domed lid. In human myths, the Muses are spirits representing different human attributes and aspirations. This is extremely interesting, as it makes the case for human aspirations. They are not only interested in day to day surviving, but in day to day hope of betterment.

The canisters and flask that the Casket houses are for cosmetics. Humans, no matter the myth, are concerned with appearances. More of this will be seen when additional artifacts go on display.

The Facts:

  • Made of silver.
  • Fitted with silver chain for ease of transportation.
  • Surface of body and domed lid is divided into 16 decorated panels.
  • Fitted for five vessels, four identical silver canisters and one silver flask.
  • Dated to the Late Roman period (mythical human kingdom) 330-370.




“This object raises more questions, then it answers. For instance, how could a human comfortably carry this around their shoulder? It seems most impractical.” – Edlock Greemgrill, member of the Library’s Historical Society

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