The Theory:

The Goblet is a remarkable find, as it shows humans take time to be creative even in their drinking vessels. And if this is indeed of human origin, these small creatures have become adept at both glass blowing and molding. Of course, for us, glass is extremely rare and impractical, always breaking and chipping as soon as you grab hold of any object made of it. But humans, as we imagine them, are apparently able to hold such delicate items. It would be a wonderful gift, to be able to pick up glass and enjoy its beauty, to be so nimble-handed as to mold, shape, and even paint its near invisible surface.


The Facts:

  • Made with Free- and mold-blown colorless and cobalt-blue glass with gold leaf, enamel, and applied decoration.
  • Rows of alternating red and blue enamel dots of varying configurations ornament the rim, all on an elaborate gold-leaf ground incised with a band of foliate and palmette patterns.
  • Italian (mythical human ethnicity)
  • Dated to the years 1475-1500






“Humans, if real, cannot help but put beauty into the ordinary.” – The late Relick Bayswater, discoverer of the Rowan Hoard

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