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Angor Mountains, The Library for Dragons.

It’s true: the library is closing down an entire section for refurbishment. Which section, you ask? The old Humanities Hall, housing the most controversial subject carried by the library: Humanity. The organization heading this closure is the Dragon Academy of Remedial Knowledge (D.A.R.K.). Many say they trust the organization’s decision, but not all. And for good reason.

The project is riddled with contradictions. First, it happened with no warning. Second, the story keeps changing. When D.A.R.K.’s statement first released, it was said the closure was due to the much-needed conservation of the hall, which is well over three hundred years old. If they had stopped there, it would have made sense, but shortly after this, the organization released a second statement and that’s when all chaos broke loose:

The books in the hall would be unavailable for viewing and check out until further notice. The flimsy excuse? The books were in need of their own conservation project.

An entire section with all of its books is suddenly inaccessible? Something’s burning in the kitchen. Many of those books are recently published and would have no need of conservation. Several library patrons as well as members of staff have made their sentiments known to upper management. When asked about the sudden shut down, Prestor, the leading thinker on human mythology, said, “I frequent this section four to five times a week, there was no need for a conservation project of this magnitude. This makes me question the library’s commitment to their readers.” The spokesdragon for D.A.R.K. made only one comment to the press: “There is nothing to be alarmed over. This closure is only temporary and, more importantly, in the library’s best interest.”

We will be watching the story unfold.

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