The Theory:

The Compound Microscope was one of the first artifacts from the Rowan Hoard to be displayed. Its claim to fame is that it reveals humans (if real) are interested in what they cannot see. There is further evidence in other hoard-objects that the unseen has a particular hold on the human imagination. The reason for this attribute is much debated, and several schools of thought on this subject have emerged. However, nearly all scholars believe that humans, mythical or not, possess innate knowledge of the invisible.

The Facts:

  • It is made from gilt bronze, enamel, shagreen and glass; wood, tooled leather, brass, velvet, silver galon and various natural specimens.
  • The case has a locking drawer filled with attachments for the microscope, such as tweezers, extra lenses, and slides of of geranium petals, hair, fly wings, and fleas.
  • It is dated to 1751
  • The microscope is in working condition








“Throughout history it has been commonly thought that humans are creatures of curiosity. This object seems to support that idea.”     – Dr. Drake, human mythologist and DAS member












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