photo-1419640303358-44f0d27f48e7Prestor is a busy dragon. You see, he’s a human mythologist, and this makes him a highly sought after guest speaker and visiting professor at colleges (yes, dragons go to college). He’s constantly preparing speeches, teaching classes, and tutoring on occasion, so there’s precious little time for his own research. But sometimes there’s a moment–a very small moment–to do what he enjoys. When that moment comes, he flies straight here, to his small (by dragon standards), comfortable study within the library. Once here, he then settles into his well-worn chair and reads about humans. On a side note, let’s hope he doesn’t get one of these rare moments while we’re in here. That would be highly unfortunate. A dragon is still a dragon, even if he went to college.

As I said, Prestor is a human mythologist, one of the few dragons left who study the subject. In this room, he hoards what he believes to be evidences of our existence. These aren’t like the artifacts or writings in the Rowan Hoard. These are personal accounts, his own experiences of what he calls human-chasing. His shelves are cluttered with tattered notebooks and blurry photographs of what might be the image of a human. The books he’s collected over the years are considered outlandish and conspiratorial, but he pours over them whenever he has the chance. You see, he believes in us, or at least he wants to.

Do you see that thin, red portfolio laying on top of the desk? That’s Prestor’s latest compilation of scraps from our world. Pasted onto its pages are documents, letters, business transactions, even printouts from the internet. Of course, they’re so tiny he uses a powerful magnifying glass to make out the writing. You’re probably asking yourself where these papers came from. Don’t forget there are humans working in this library and that dragons are completely unaware of their presence. However, they do find dropped items that fall carelessly from their pockets or folders as they rush through the passages. Not to mention the items that human readers and visitors leave behind. These are the items Prestor finds (because he’s developing his eyes to see them) and then stores in this study.

Although, it could be more than the fine-tuning of his eyes. Some humans say that the veil between the human world and the dragon world is thinning, and has been thinning for some time. The cause for this deterioration is unknown, just as the cause for the veil in the first place is unknown. Yet Cause and Reason are two different things, and if the Cause is shadowed, then the Reason is well hidden from our sight. There’s a story that says this veil was dropped over the eyes of dragons, for our own protection. This may or may not be true. It’s only one of the stories.

There will be future tours of this room, during which items in Prestor’s study will be explained in greater detail. We will open his red portfolio, rifle through his books, read his letters, look at his photographs and see just how close he is to discovering us. However, take caution. Finding out what a dragon thinks of you can sometimes be jolting. But if you have the fortitude and the curiosity to handle what you may find, the search can be rewarding.

Now, back to the human world with you. It isn’t wise to linger too long in a dragon’s study.








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